Zero Waste Shop Guide


South West


“We believe that with a little help everyone can consume more responsibly. So we decided to create Zéro, an independent shop dedicated to the zero waste lifestyle. All our products are sold in bulk or without disposable packaging and, where possible, come from organic or fair-trade farming and from local producers.”  

Merton Abbey Mills Unit 7, The Apprentice Shop, 14 Watermill Way, London SW19 2RD

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South East


“We want the world to know that living sustainably can be easy (and even fun). Which is why Gather exists.

We’re a refillery. A place to gather your necessities, from food to cleaning products to toiletries.

And we’re a sustainability hub. A place to gather to”

121 Bellenden Road, London SE15 4QY

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“Nought is a zero-waste shop stocking all of your favourite everyday essentials. From pasta to toothbrushes, all of our products are sustainable and plastic-free.

Run by KCLSU, and all of our proceeds from Nought go back into efforts to improve our sustainability. We’re open to everyone, not just students. So if you’re around in the area, come check us out – just make sure to bring your glass jars and reusable bags with you!

With a range of affordable products and workshops in the heart of London Bridge, making conscious choices for our environment has never been so easy.”

Guy’s Campus, Collingwood Street, London SE1 9RT

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“Unwrapped is a zero waste grocery shop based in Crookes, Sheffield.

Customers can fill their own containers with a huge variety of food and non-food products and can also purchase other eco items aimed at reducing waste.”

152-154 Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1UH

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